Mosaic Tree Counseling

“From broken pieces, come beautiful art…From neglected roots, stems new life.” – Maria Peters

Welcome to Mosaic Tree Counseling

At Mosaic Tree Counseling, we believe in complete mental restoration and balance. Our main purpose is to give parents, foster families, and children uniquely customized psychotherapy in the comfort and privacy of their own home or in our comfortable office. This allows the Therapist to be in the client’s true environment, enabling the therapist to experience each client’s daily life and culture, for the most effective therapy available.

Mosaic Tree Counseling is continuously striving to uphold all expectations of our clients and are dedicated to exceptional customized therapeutic services giving the client the ability to identify, explore, and process emotions through carefully customized interventions, reaching their goals, and presenting clients with the building blocks they will need now and in the future.
It’s amazing what one can create from shattered pieces of glass and it can be the same way when putting things together in our lives. The tree, in particular, represents the roots where we come from, the branches symbolize our life experiences and how we grow, and the leaves are the symptoms or coping skills. If you notice, in the logo, the tree is not as big as the mosaic because the mosaic is what I want you to vision for yourself. Our roots will never change but you can by creating your own art, you can create you…

Mental health is very important to me. I strongly believe it should not be taken lightly, and my hopes are that soon it will be under the same umbrella as medical health. I chose my logo because I feel many of us have experienced or are experiencing broken pieces in our lives and may have difficulties re-creating oneself. With these struggles in life, it often takes time putting all these pieces back together, hence the mosaic.

My philosophy is to give clients the option of home-based therapy, school-based therapy, telehealth therapy, or in-office therapy. One of the best ways, in my eyes, is to get to see the client in their natural environments. By doing so, I can see their true selves, get deeper into the client’s reality, and be in a familiar setting allowing the client to develop a grounded rapport. I will guide you in nurturing your roots to grow towards a healthier direction and I hope to help you re-create your masterpiece…
12+ Years and running – Private Practice
Capella University: Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology (June 2019)
Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor #64866 (September 2010)
Complex Trauma Series (January 2011)
Certified Anger Resolution Therapist (October 2013)
18+ years of experience as a Mental Health Counselor
7 years of teaching and mentoring students who are at-risk or have special needs
Fluent in the languages of English and Spanish
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (October 2018)

Professional Memberships

ACA member
APA member
IATP Member
NAMI member and advocate
AFSP member and advocate
TAASA member and advocate
HAWC member and advocate

Modalities, Treatments, and Interventions

Utilize various types of therapy: cognitive, behavioral, anger management, family, mindfulness, psycho-educational, psychotherapy, art, and play.
Use appropriate clinical interventions to decrease negative symptoms and improve healthy emotional growth.
Provide skills training according to treatment plan goals to patients and parents.
Provide in-home individual and family therapy to children in CPS, foster, adoptive, or transitional care.
Assessing and evaluating for psychological needs.
Provide school-based therapy.

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